“For tomorrow belongs to the people who
prepare for it today”


Educating the public of what we specialized in and elicit the needs in evearyone who required planning. In fact everyone needs planning, but the value of superstitions causes procrastination in our mind. Therefore we deemed that planning can hold and we shall discuss this further in the future or when the time is right?


  • The largest Bereavement Care Organisation in Asia with over 18 branches situated across 7 countries. 

  • A One-stop Service Provider with a 99-year land lease that will last till 2098. 

  • Located in the tranquillity of Old Choa Chu Kang Road, a plot of land gazetted for bereavement care. With the upcoming Tengah MRT in the pipelines, making a trip to NMG will be a breeze. 

  • Interest-free installment plans available

  • Transparent Charges, No More Hidden Costs! Know what you pay for!

  • The 1st and ONLY full board Funeral Service Provider in Singapore, with affordable value packages!

We will always:

  • Be open, honest and provide as much information to help you make informed choices

  • Ensure that our staff take responsibility for resolving or dealing with your query

  • Provide a comfortable environment for our customers

  • Treat you as part of our family

  • Listen to your requirements, needs and preferences

  • Respect traditional culture and customary rites

funeral services

1. Niche (for storage of the urns) 福位

2. Ancestral Tablet 神主牌

3. Funeral Service Package 白事配套

“Planning adaptability is the key to successful conservation.”



Kenny is a seasoned hotelier with decades of experience in Customer Service. With a heart dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to his customers, he rose through the ranks to become a Hotel General Manager. 

Following an illustrious career in the hospitality industry, Kenny took a leap of faith and joined the bereavement care industry with Nirvana Memorial Garden (NMG). With a strong desire to assist families and individuals in times of grief by giving them total peace of mind in all bereavement processes, Kenny finds the job both rewarding and noble. His experience in Customer Service honed his eye for detail and ability to see from the customer’s lenses, helping him to serve clients with the utmost professionalism with a personal touch.  

Kenny strongly believes in Bereavement Care & Funeral Services industry as it helps to defray rising costs in the long run and diffuses potential familial tensions during the grieving period. This is not only cost-effective but also preserves unity and harmony amongst family members. Hence, Kenny is committed to empowering clients in making wise decisions throughout the Bereavement Care & Funeral Services industry process.

Keen to know more? Feel free to contact Kenny, your bereavement care expert.

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